About Us and Me

A certified architect in 2000 and an Interior designer, Florence Hoorickx worked with several renowned builders before setting up her own agency in 2009.
Since 2011 a number of qualified passion-filled designers have come to work with her as partners and colleagues. Their specialties range from architecture to graphic design and interior decoration.
The strength of FH-Architecte is to cover several complementary fields of activities and blend a global approach to construction with efficient interior design techniques.


A member of the “Passive Home Platform”, mindful of environmental issues and energy efficiency, her agency will support your sustainable building project of Passive house design. Due to their broad network of partners with an expertise in calculating the Energy Performance of buildings, her team members will optimize your project with the esthetic “architectural” design that makes house truly ‘state-of-the-art”.

Interior Design – Coaching and Advice

Ever since the beginnings of her agency in 2009, Florence Hoorickx’s sense of quality architecture and keen eye for detail has led her to support her clients’projects beyond construction design, helping them to select furnishings, curtains, carpeting color items and other accessories.
With her equally passion-filled team members, she has developed several services related to the art of designing interiors.

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