About us

Florence Hoorickx became a certified architect in 2000 and worked with several renowned builders before setting up her own agency in 2009.

Since 2011 a number of qualified passion-filled designers have come to work with her as partners and colleagues. their specialties range from architecture to graphic design and interior decoration.

So far FH Architecture have renovated typical Brussels homes for private individuals and transformed larger mansions and investment properties.
Outside Brussels they have built a number of private houses in the Belgian provinces of Brabant and Hainaut.

Why should you contact us?

Ever since the beginnings of her agency in 2009, Florence Hoorickx has shown a sense of quality architecture and keen eye for detail that she acquired working with renowned architects such as Jacques Galand, Pierre van Ashe, les Ateliers de genval and Didier Noël Petit (Lyon, France).

Well aware of market prices, all team members are eager to meet the needs and wishes of clients, and projects are adjusted to the tastes and budgets of every one of them.

A member of the “Passive Home Platform”, FH Architecture is mindful of sustainable building and renovation. Environmental issues and energy efficiency do matter to them.

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