Saving Storage Space

Three innovative projects by Florence Hoorickx were presented on RTL TVI’s March 2014 “ Clef sur porte” show.
The show puts forward a number of clever tips and tricks for saving space such as converting a living room into a dressing room and a home cinema, integrating unsuspected built-in wardrobes into a bedroom, providing a shower room with hidden storage spaces, giving toilets a wardrobe appearance, using a guardrail for storing pocket books, enlarging a living room with sliding doors or partitioning two bedrooms with a secret wardrobe.

An innovative piece of furniture

In December 2015, Florence Hoorickx won first prize in a competition organized by “Greenlab Brussels” (formerly “BSE Academy”).
Her innovative idea was to design an acoustic cabinet for an upright piano, which allows the pianist to fully enjoy the sound of their instrument while limiting noise pollution in the neighborhood.
The idea was rewarded with a large subsidy granted by Innoviris and a promise for grant from “Business Angels” to finalize the project.
The project is currently under study.
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