What is a Color Coach?

A color coach is a seasoned interior designer who has a quick, practical approach to color decoration and can give you both inspiration and color tips.
With your input about your expectations and lifestyle, we will help you select designer colors that will work in your home and fit your way of life.

How does it work ?

Our coach comes to your place with a sample of designer colors.
After listening to you and assessing those rooms you want to bring color into, they will help you select a range of colors that will fit you and your home best.
the consultation is oral and references to colors are given on the spot.

How can we help you and make the difference?

As certified architects and interior designers, we can go beyond color coaching and answer all your questions regarding furniture layout, overall design or architecture.
All our team members are passion-filled interior designers and our methods and techniques skillfully blend the principles of Feng Shui, the art of matching colors, fabrics and other materials.

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