Some picks to decorate your home?

Looking for tips to improve your interior? Fancy new furnishings, light fittings, carpets, curtains, or deco items? Looking for a new range of colors and paints?

We can advise you!

As architects and interior designers, we know how to blend the Feng Shui art of clearing space with the skills of matching colors and fabrics.
With our extendend network of deco shops, craftsmen, and artists for all budgets and styles, we will help you choose the furniture, accessories and colors that correspond best to your interior, your tastes and lifestyle.

What kind of services can we offer you?

Here is a brief presentation of three major services provided by our agency. Click on any title to know more about them!

1) Interior Design Coaching
One session to suggest new tips, ideas, and shopping addresses to decorate your interior. The idea is to help you feel better in a home that matches with your tastes and lifestyle.

2) Color Coaching
One session to suggest some ranges of color that will match with and enhance your interior. With a global view on your space layout, furnishings and accessories, we will help you select the right colors for the right walls in the right rooms.

3) Home Staging
One session for tips about how to optimize your property in order to sell it quickly and well.