Who can benefit from Home Staging?

Anyone eager to sell their property quickly and well.

How do we work?

Creating value for your property is a careful step-by-step process implying successively:

  • fixing everything that could be used by your potential buyers to negotiate downwards conditions and lower prices;
  • clearing your living space to make it look “bigger”;
  • depersonalize your rooms to maximize the number of potential buyers who might fall for your interior;
  • re-arranging furnishings, making circulation easier;
  • « cleaning » your living space once it has been cleared and rearranged;
  • matching accessories by arranging design items differently according to color, size or kind;
  • advising you on how to highlight your property and accent its assets for potential buyers during visits.

How can we help and make the difference?

Our team of certified architects and interior designers have much expertise to offer you.
With a skillful eye for space planning we will help you optimize your property layout.

Our methods and techniques enable us to assess the right price for any for-sale-property, taking into account the necessary repairs and weaker points.
We can also supervise your construction site for you, which can make fixing quicker.

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