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Interior Design coaching


Interior design coaching provides expert opinion, inspiration, advice and support as needed during the design process. As interior design coaches we are eager to know about your wishes and lifestyle so as not to impose our tastes or style but help you instead understand your own so that your interior can be made fitter for you.

The coach in decoration provides you with personalized advice, called “interior design coaching“.


Any homeowner or tenant eager to get suggestions about all of their decorating dilemmas, including colors, furnishings, accessories and more.
We also provide full service decorating for professional offices.

Interior design coaching is therefore accessible to everyone and adapts to your personality. It ranges from simple advice to harmonize your interior space, to complete redesigns that propose furniture, lighting, decorative objects, curtains, wallpaper, and more.


As seasoned architects we can assess any living area or work spaces and help you optimize furnishings, making a room look “bigger” or “brighter” with all sorts of devices including made-to-measure furniture.

All our team members are passion-filled interior designers and our methods and techniques skillfully blend the principles of Feng Shui, the art of clearing space and matching colors and fabrics. With your input, we will select designer colors and materials that will work in your home.

We can also advise you through the mazes of home shops, designers, craftsmen and artists, and help you select choice furnishings and items that will fit your budget. Finally, we can provide a turnkey interior design coaching service with trend boards, follow-up on work realization, and providing and assembling furniture, curtains, and more.

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coaching decoration fh architecte formule light coaching

Light Coaching

One hour consultation at your place.

Providing iPad samples of pictures (of colors, carpets…) we can offer a quick, practical and affordable set of suggestions. Yet you do the actual decoratingwith a joint selection of home decor shop addresses, color designs, and furnishings.

Aflat fee is paid for oraladvicethat you caneither note down or record.

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coaching decoration fh architecte formule coaching friend

Coaching as a Friend

1 LIGHT COACHING consultation + a few hours shopping in a number of jointly selected stores.

Your rooms will have been previously measured by one team member during the “light coaching consultation.”

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coaching decoration fh architecte formule full coaching

Full Coaching

1 LIGHT COACHING consultation + room measurement.
Presentation of a selected sample of furnishings, curtains, carpets, lighting devices, with a cost estimate.

That consultation is devised according to taste as we can either put you in touch with professionals that will work for you or supervise your construction site for you.
The ideal option for someone“with no time to spare.”

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