Eager to sell your property at a fair price?

Putting your property on sale with or without realtor support requires that you get a fair idea of your home’s market value and that you put forward its good selling points by making it look very attractive.

What is a property’s fair market value?

The fair market value of a property is a very educated guess as to how much your property is worth.

What factors will go into deciding the worth of a property?

Plenty, including square footage, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, condition of the home, current recently sold comparables (houses that are similar to your own that are close in proximity), health and safety issues, construction quality, refurbishing cost estimates etc.

How can you make your property more attractive to buyers and find good selling arguments?

What is at stake here is the actual potential of your property and the ways you can make it visually appealing.

And who else better than an architect can appraise the potential redesign of a property and assess possible refurbishing costs? No one, especially if the architect has also developed home staging skills that can help you create value for your property by re-arranging furnishings, making circulation easier and living space look “bigger”, in other words if the appraiser is also someone who can highlight the positive sales advantages of your home for buyers during visits.

Why should you turn to Florence Hoorickx for an appraisal?

Because as an architect, an interior designer and coach, and a member of AidB Real Estate Agency. Florence will be able to provide you in a single visit with a coherent idea of the fair market value of your property before you talk to any realtor or attempt a for sale-by-owner.

Her multi-faceted expertise enables her to appraise in a glance the redesign potential of any property for sale, a process that she can also make more efficient by helping you as a seller put forward the good selling points of your home.